List of eBay categories

Uber eBay category list

Lots of review and price comparison sites use contextual advertising. This is where a sites adverts adjust themselves based on page content. So if you have a page about the latest netbook or smart phone, the adverts there will should only display that kind of product.

I made a tool to help with contextual targeting for eBay Partner Network affiliates. Click on the screen shot above and take a look. For anyone who didnt know, eBay is split up into different geographic territories. Each has its own ID and list of categories (category tree). Also each uses that areas language: is in French, is in Dutch and so on!

I’ve collected ALL of this data and made it available as an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.


All non-english categories have a translation. Everything is updated every Friday.

More info:

More eBay tools from R.O.EYE:

EPN blog post:

R.O.EYE blog post:

Contact me for help with the API call, Python code or other formats.

45 thoughts on “List of eBay categories

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    1. Alex Post author

      I’ll check if India data is available in the API. If it is then I will definitely add it to the map. Coming very soon!

    1. Alex Post author

      YES! everything on this website is totally free for anyone to use. A link back to would be nice :) but I don’t mind.

  2. Marco

    Thank!! This is very useful. I’m thinking on importing to a DB using ‘modified preorder tree traversal’ algorithm. Very helpful and saved me a bunch of time.

      1. Alex Post author

        This post is getting a bit old. I’ll try to get the Motors data and then make a new uber post with everything! What’s your database going to be used for? Cool projects are cool 😀

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  4. Bob

    Is this file still being updated? Today (October 3, 2012): Jewelry & Watches – Fine Jewelry appears as category #4196 in this Excel file for eBay US, but appears as #166298 on eBay. Please advise. Thank you.

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  6. Alexey

    Hello! Sorry for my bad language. I want to get all categories using php. I didn’t find good examples but found your blog. May be you could help me? Please contact me at email.

  7. Chip

    Alex – This is a great resource. Thank You!
    Did you ever get the categories for eBay Motors?
    If so can yo get me a copy please?

  8. David

    Hi Alex

    Do you have a list of the ebay category specifics for the UK or where i can get one from ASAP? I have your category list working great at the moment thanks just need this.


  9. teds

    Better late than never very nice man! I built one for just my catagories and it was a pain I gotta say.. Saw this 2 months later and its like a week of work depending on knowledge of the worst site ive ever seen a far as gathering data all in one place goes. Thankyou thankyou its a keeper Regards T.E.D’s

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  11. Oliver

    This is very useful! Any chance of adding the rest of the sites to it? We also use:

    Canada (french and english)

  12. Petra

    Hi there,

    i need a List of eBay categories for ebay Germany.
    Do you have this list?
    If yes, where can i download ist ?

    Thanks for help


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